dress for success
Mon, 28/08/2017  | 

Caci has partnered with Dress for Success to support their mission of helping women achieve economic independence, and helping them back into the workforce.

Dress for Success has a handbag shortage, and it’s an important accessory when fitting a client for a job interview. So, for two weeks, Caci invited Kiwis to have a look in the wardrobe; find a new or gently used handbag, donate it to Dress for Success and swap it for a facial!

Over the two week period; 40 Caci clinics from around NZ received over 1,040 handbags. One client donated 29 handbags from her own collection, and Caci Merivale in Christchurch received the most donations, with 73 handbags in total!

“We are ecstatic with the result - it far exceeded our expectations, we can’t thank everyone enough for their support” Emily Stevenson, Marketing and Communications Manager, FAB Group.

A team of ‘handbag experts’ from Dress for Success has been sorting through all the bags and they will be donated to their 8 locations throughout NZ, to support their mission of helping women achieve economic independence and helping them back into the workforce.

“We will have enough handbags for nearly every client, it’s amazing!” Michelle Pleydell, President, Dress for Success Bay of Plenty (Rotorua and Tauranga).

Any bags that aren’t quite up to scratch for job interviews, will be donated to other charities.

Since launching in NZ in 1999, Dress for Success has assisted nearly 45,000 and up to 72% of their clients gain employment. They empower women with skills, confidence and clothing to make it happen – and this includes dressing them for an interview, from top to bottom, handbag included.